Septentria encompasses the frigid plateau in the north eastern corner of The Ledge. It was uninhabited for the first 20 years of the Ledge’s occupation, but became the home for several thousand Dwarven refugees. The exact time and nature of their arrival remains unknown, since all dwarves were previously thought corrupted by the Astral Caliph. The terrain and climate were unforgiving but the hardy dwarves thrived there, finding a myriad of metal veins and gemfields. Visitors to Septentria rarely travel further than the small number of Castle Cities built in the passes leading up to the plateau. The environment is simply too hostile and the dwarves are reluctant to guide outsiders through the interior of their land. As a result, the Septentrian highlands remain deeply shrouded in mystery and rumors abound regarding what might be found there (aside from enormous wealth).

Septentria is a frigid plateau resting three thousand feet higher than the main shelf of the Ledge. It was created at the end of the first invasion, when the the Ijeroq Ice Citadel imploded and unleashed an earthquake that caused the Ledge to slip on the Infinite Cliff. It proved impossible to cleanse the magic of the Ijeroq from this realm and as a result Septentria suffers permanent sub-arctic conditions. Septentria’s mountainous border is flanked by Meridia (east) and Cerulea (south). The western edge the region is marked by a precipitous drop into the Void.


Septentria was regarded as an uninhabitable wasteland for the 50 years between the first and second invasions. This allowed Xantheralius free reign to assemble his unholy army, which he marched through the mountains to conquer Shattercliffe. His death grip on the northern Ledge was only broken when Mathias of Havendell journeyed to the forbidden aeries of the Stenenvolk and forged an alliance.

The Tzar of the Stenenvolk called a great pogrom and marched on Shattercliffe to break the necromancer’s hold, forcing Xantheralius and his army out into Meridia where Sir Richard of the Two-worlds dealt the decisive blow of the war. In return, the Stenenvolk were invited to colonise Septentria and granted a waiver from the Diggers Pact, allowing them to mine in the Infinite Cliff and trade the proceeds with the people of the Ledge.



The Stenenvolk make their capital in a dense city built into the sides of a great basin around the icy Lake. Yet, only a quarter of the population lives there. The remainder either dwell in small towns (another quarter) or are spread across hundreds of tiny mining villages. These settlements are rarely marked on maps as they tend to disband and relocate as soon as the associated mine collapses.

Other places of note include:

  • The Zamoks, a series of fortified checkpoints studded across the region to connect and bolster the patrols of the Septentrian Guard.
  • Bashnya Zemli, the mystical city of the Stenenvolk geomancers.


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