The Pool, the Plane and the Pattern

The attention of the Starving Stars tore apart the metaphysical fabric of the Prime World. It may be decades, even centuries, before they arrive – but the weight of their thought is sufficient to create utter chaos. The corruption became so bad that the world as severed from The Beyond, dooming the spirits of the dead wander aimlessly and descend into madness.

In creating the Ledge, Devidian worked miracles to salvage and protect the souls of all living creatures he rescued. He led them to an ethereal realm called “The Pool”. The is the place where the collective unconscious of the intelligent races resides. It also houses the animating force, or “souls” of all living things on the Ledge. When something dies, its essence returns to the pool to be resorted, recombined and reincarnated in a new being.

“The Plane” is the name of the material world – The Ledge itself. People of the Plane remain in contact with the Pool via ancestor worship and the primal rituals of the Ledge’s Druids and Witches. Conversely, contact with The Pattern is strictly the realm of the Conduits, who serve as ambassadors for the alien will of the Pattern.

The Pattern is the imprint, or shadow, left behind by The Architect when she left the Prime World for her new creations. She wrapped the Pattern around the planet like swaddling to protect it while she was gone. Although just a fragment of her being, The Pattern was still immensely powerful. Somehow, Devidian was able to draw the undamaged fragments of The Pattern away from the Prime world, and weave them around The Torc. Now, It exists as both a divine being and a metaphysical realm. All conduits partially exist in the pattern, as do the race of divine servitors commonly referred to as Angels.


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