The Arch-wizard

Devidian is (or was) an arch-wizard and elementalist from the The Prime World.

Pre-Exodus lore attributes him with god-like power over the elements and a host of elemental servants (both willing and unwilling). He is credited with raising and flattening mountains, creating lakes, parting seas and extracting vast mineral deposits directly from the ground. Conflicting legends claim he either remained free during the destruction of the Prime World, or spend a decade in bondage to devils (or demons), building their fortresses and finding metals to fuel their forges. He is said to have walked through the chaos between worlds at will and travelled between the stars as rich merchants travel the world.

The Saviour

It is impossible to discern myth from truth when discussing the Arch-Wizard, but it is fairly certain that came from one of the ‘free states’ that resisted Imperial rule until the great wars began. When his homeland was invaded, rather than fight, he founded a group called The Ten Companions who helped him establish an enclave of uncorrupted survivors on a hidden island. From this base, he prepared a great spell that would create a demiplane within the Maelstrom. When the spell was ready, Devidian disappeared, leaving his followers to struggle on while he built a new world for them. It was fifty years before he returned. His island state was on the brink of collapse and there was barely time to initiate the magical exodus that carried his followers to The Ledge.

It seems that creation of The Ledge finally broke Devidian’s formidable will. The writings of his companions (sometimes referred to as scripture) say he grew distant after the Exodus, haunted by his contact with the Maelstrom, or else driven mad while speaking with the Prime World
s failing gods. He grew old and wizened, a hundred years of life catching up with him in a few short years. Sometime during Yr 20 he called his friends to him for a final meeting where he divested his incredible powers. They emerged as the first Conduits, whereas Devidian disappeared from the Ledge forever.

The Legacy

The memory of the Arch-Wizard lingers on, but manifests in many different ways, for example:

The Church of Saint Barnabus teaches that Devidian sacrificed himself for the people of the Ledge. He wanders the chaos, unable to die but incapable of coherent thought. As a result, the people of Meridia and Antipodea regard him as a gentle but senile grandfather figure. They leave warm food and drink for him over the Yule season and invoke his name when children show disrespect to their elders.

In Pent and Shattercliffe, the militant credo of Richard Worldstrider holds sway. His followers believe Devidian feigned his demise and returned to the Prime World, where he wages an eternal war to cleanse it of evil. They say The Ledge is a training ground, created to teach and harden his people for an eventual re-conquest of the planet.

The witches and druids of the forest believe that Devidian did die, spreading his elemental power across the land. This explains their constant quest to establish ley lines and protect magical nexus points in the wilderness. They are in fact attempting to channel and collect the Arch-Wizard’s lost power for some unknown purpose.

Other even more bizarre beliefs include:

He was fiend-touched all along and constructed The Ledge so he could feed on it’s people like a vampire.

He was divested of his powers because he crossed the veil into undeath. In Yr 20, his old companions confronted and destroyed him. His divine power was divided between them like booty.

Devidian lives on through the Chancellor of Azimuth University, taking possessing the elected wizard during a secret induction ritual.


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