The Ledge: Third Breach


The Ledge: Apocalypse

You entered Pineshire and began your investigations. But first, you settled in the Swinging Sword inn and had a frank discussion about your reasons for pursuing the delegation:

FACTION INFO The Weavers (Guybrush): The group included a renowned Dwarven historian — Bruldenthar — he was carrying a collection of ancient dwarven manuscripts to Pent. The manuscripts are believed to hold encrypted secrets to the magic of the Astral Caliphate. They cannot fall into the wrong hands. The Overwatch (Vicril): there were important dignitaries in the group. Raginald, an ambassador from The High Krausen, headed to Pent. Donella, a guard captain from Shattercliffe going to bury her dead husband by the Drake’s Eye Lake. Terisiel, an elven noblewoman from Aelfheimr Tower.
The Greenwitch Elves (Moira): Terisiel was carrying magical seeds to the Greenwitch elves. They have the power to grow a grove of magical trees. The Emerald Enclave (Kellen): the Enclave is also comitted to making sure Terisiel’s magical seeds make it to the Greenwitch elves.

Your next order of business was to visit your respective contacts in Pineshire — a risky business, considering the brutal and autocratic nature of the town.

NEW CLUES Haleeya (Emerald Enclave): Bathhouse owner. Two wagons came into town late at night and were taken to Waelvur’s Wagonworks on the edge of town. Gwil (Overwatch): caravan guard met in The Swinging Sword common room. He spoke directly with the dwarven leader of the delegation. They were heading to Beliard an then taking a detour to the Drake’s Eye Lake. This was ten days ago.
Endrith Vallivoe (Weavers): A peddler came through town three days ago and tried to sell him an ancient dwarven book. Endrith was concerned, thinking it could be linked to the delegation. The peddler was spooked by Enrdith’s questions and left the shop in a hurry. Endrith heard that the peddler made a deal with someone from Havendell.
Pineshire is controlled by a secret society called “The Believers”. The Belivers were working with Larrakh’s cult
Larrakh and the stone-armored warrior were marked by the same triangular symbol you’ve seen before. The man in the feathered cloak and bird mask claimed to be an enemy of Larrakh’s cult.
You rescued a woman named Petunia. Vicril knows her — a servant from Bero and Nerise Gladham’s farm. Petunia says she was left here to be Larrakh’s wife. Bero and Nerise were not brought into Pineshire.

This was ample motivation for you to investigate the wagon works. It is a dilapidated building with a yard full of rotting vehicles. Clearly drunken workers were busy in the shop doing low quality work. Three tough looking men armed with heavy clubs gathered around the front door, smoking pipes but not drinking.

You decided to return at night. On the way, Guybrush spotted armed men aiming bows at you from the rooftop. You challenged them. They wouldn’t say who they were, but claimed to share the same enemy — the “villains” at the wagon works. They said it was a cover for an evil cult.

Their leader, a man in a familiar feather cloak and a black bird-like mask, accompanied you to the wagon works. You silenced the guards and found a trapdoor underneath a broken wagon. The masked man agreed to fetch his underlings to provide backup … but he never came back.

You ventured into the trapdoor and found yourselves in an underground complex. It seemed to be dwarven in make. You walked into a trap in one particular corridor — a half orc hid in a room at the other end and dropped cages from the roof to trap you. Kellen managed to avoid the traps, but couldn’t catch the half-orc, who ran off yelling for his “master”.

Beyond the trapped corridor you found a terrified old man cowering and praying. He said that “Larrakh”, the priest of the cult, was beyond the door. He also admitted he was part of a secret society called “The Believers” who had run Pineshire for years.

You decided to return back towards the entrance to the dungeon to seek backup, but were blocked by a stone-armored warrior and six thugs. You defeated them and decided to take out Larrakh …


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