The Ledge: Third Breach

Session 9

The Ledge: Apocalypse

The arrow thudded into Nareen’s shoulder and a dose of sprite blight (poison) knocked her out cold. Her guards soon realized you weren’t to blame, they roused her and she promised to give you the orb if you caught the traitor. Kellen ran down the traitor (an elf named Haliyra) and you captured her despite heavy support from crossbowmen on nearby rooftops. Nareen took custody of the traitor and directed you to the orb — it was hidden in a mausoleum within the Perished Grove Cemetery.

The tomb was guarded by Unferth, a notorious thief and follower of Zesh, known to Guybrush. The priest’s henchmen — a hulking lizardman and two hardened thugs — gave you a good hacking, but Kellen and Moira kept you safe with judicious use of magic. Unferth fled through a dimensional portal leaving you free to enter the mausoleum and retrieve the orb. You carried the nasty glass sphere to Triboar. The adventure ended in the Lord Protector Darethra’s Office, where you were rewarded with a tidy collection of rubies and the location of Sacred Stone Monastery. The monks there may either be able to help you, or are perhaps members of the Cult of Black Earth.

Other incidents

  • You avoided a mysterious group of travelers camped along the Yartar-Triboar road, but you have no idea who they were.
  • You chased off a small group of three gnoll marauders.
  • A wizard named Colwyn sold you his black Horseclaw in return for you asking Darethra to let him back into Triboar.


wasted_warlock wasted_warlock

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