The Ledge: Third Breach


The Ledge: Apocalypse

NEW FRIENDS Larmon Greenboot, shepherd Dónal, ‘retired’ Halfling wizard
NEW ENEMIES The Feathergale Society
CLUES Encountered an Ogre in the Greendrake — this is unheard of Feathergale society practices Elemental Air magic The dwarven delegation was ambushed Tracks from ambush lead to Pineshire
Two of the ambusher’s wagons entered the city

Two weeks pass as you relax in Havendell, tending to your daily lives. Excitement was building in town as it waited for an important dwarven delegation and other accompanying travelers.

The delegation was late, three days passed after their expected arrival. Constable Madoc sent you to investigate along the road to Pineshire. Guards posted along the road said the delegation had not passed them.

A day out from Beliard you met the shepherd Larmon Greenboot. He says the delegation left Beliard, but he’s not sure what happened afterwards. He also mentions seeing fresh graves deeper in the woods.

Larmon leads you to the graves — each is a shallow hole with a corpse inside, with stones stacked on top. There is a dwarf in artisan’s robes, a woman in Shattercliffe guard livery and two human males — one in strange stony armor and the other unarmored with a feathery cape.

A trail of many footprints leads from the graves to the edge of the Drake’s Eye lake. You find the remains of a battle. A dozen dead dwarven soldiers lie on the ground and there two rock cairns. Inside the larger cairn there are five dead Bugbears (a type of Devil Ape) marked with a triangular symbol. The smaller cairn contains a woman in white robes with a golden mask.

From the battle site you saw a tower to the south. Larmon said the tower was abandoned for years, but was recently claimed by a group who rode flying animals. They kept to themselves.

You traveled to the tower and convinced the guard — a half-elf called Savra — to let you into the tower. She introduced you to a somewhat hostile half-elven steward named Leathenor and the commander of the tower, an elven knight called Aethelnosan.

The commander described his people as “The Feathergale Society”. A group of elves and half-elves who excelled in raising and riding flying mounts. Their self-proclaimed missions was to protect the central Greendrake Forest.

You joined the Society’s evening meal, where Aethelnosan asked you a great many questions. Later, Guybrush was able to speak with Savra, who admitted the Society was secretly trying to master Elemental Air magic to protect the region. When Guybrush challenged this, she grew defensive and went silent.

Meanwhile, Kellen sneaked to Aethelnosan’s chambers at the top of the tower. When the commander caught him, Kellen tried to cast a spell. Aethelnosan struck Kellen down with a greatsword, nearly killing him.

You were all forced to flee, barely managing to stop Aethelnosan from executing Kellen. You fled from the tower and traveled around the lake, first east and then north. Along the way you met a mysterious “retired” halfling wizard (or similar) called Dónal. He gifted you with an impossibly nutritious meal and three healing potions.

At the northern point of the lake you rediscovered the trail from the war band from the Drake’s Eye battlefield. It led to Pineshire, where it became obscured by the heavy traffic around the city. All you could see were two wagon tracks that led through the gate.


wasted_warlock wasted_warlock

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