The Ledge: Third Breach

The Ledge: Apocalypse


NEW FRIENDS Olga the hag (‘friend’ might be a stretch…)
NEW CLUES Dog-headed men roam the Precious Fens A fennec you freed from a trap told Kellen that they came from The Slip (further south)

As you prepared to leave Lemonpepper a hunter from the Precious Fens arrived at the trading post. No-one else in the building recognized her, which is strange for a small village.

She pleaded for help to deal with “dog-headed monsters” roaming the fens. Guybrush expressed distrust and the woman suddenly vanished.

You spotted “her”, but the creature you saw was a revolting hag — a type of evil fey. She asked for a truce and explained in more detail. The monsters had besieged her lair. She needed help getting rid of them. If you assisted her, she would reward you with treasure.

You agreed to go with her to the hill-cave lair was. Huge dog-like beasts (hyenas, but your characters don’t know that) and dog-headed humanoids (actually hyena-men) armed with bows and spears patrolled the area. Olga vanished at the first sign of danger.

Guybrush poisoned two of the beasts to make the path forward easier. Vicril and Kellen led a full frontal assault up the hill. You were able to defeat the monsters and enter the cave.

You found Olga the Hag inside, stirring a cauldron. She thanked you and provided the treasure, as promised. She swore she would honor a truce with Lemonpepper and would “no longer find her daughters in that town”.

The time had come to return to Havendell, carting a huge load of peat.


wasted_warlock wasted_warlock

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