The Ledge: Third Breach


The Ledge: Apocalypse

You emerged from the Tomb of Moving stones, dragging Baragustas along with you. You took him to Butcher—Constable Harburk. Baragustas was terrified and easy to interrogate. This is what he told you:

Several generations ago miners discovered the tomb beneath Pineshire. They kept it secret and gradually became fascinated with the moving stones. This secret society called itself “The Believers” and gradually became convinced they couold read the stones to predict the future. The Believers conspired the control Pineshire, corrupting the local government and using their power to become very wealthy. Membership in the Belivers passed along from farther to son.

The current members are Baragustas, Elak Dornen (Quarry), Ilmeth Waelvur (Wagonworks), Albaeri Mellikho (Stoneworks), Ulhro Luruth (Tannery) and Aerego Bethendur (Storage).

A few months ago, The Believers were approached by Larrakh — who claimed to know the purpose of the stones. He impressed most of The Believers with deomstrations of magical power. He began coaxing them into darker and darker acts, leading to kidnapping, murder and provided hiding places and resources for Larrakh’s allies.

The Butcher—Constables rounded up most of The Believers, but Aerego Bethendur barricaded himself inside his mansion. With some clever subterfuge you took out two patrolling guards and started a fire in the house! The family fled into the front garden, where you were attacked by Bethendur’s guards and his wife, who revealed herself as a deadly martial artist.

Aerego surrendered and claimed he’d been intimidated into serving Larrakh by his wife. She had joined Larrakh’s organization — the “Cult of Black Earth”. Bethendur clearly knew very little about the organization, but he confirmed that they worship the power of elemental earth. The Believers had recently aided a band of cultists who were travelling east. They had a large group of captives with them matching the description of the dwarven delegation.

The group had travelled towards Womford, on the Drake’s Head River. They had organized to be ferried across the river by an unknown boat captain — possibly the same person who sold the old dwarven books to Padrig (Havendell blacksmith).


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