A third Breach is coming. Our young will stand against it, and some will die. But the shroud falls there – I cannot see the outcome.
~Prophecy, Umbria the Everwitch

The Prime World is in ruins, a planet of stagnant oceans and polluted continents. Twisted creatures struggle to survive, lorded over by madmen and constantly harassed by monsters from Out There.

Nearby, at least in a metaphysical sense, is The Torc. This ring-shaped continent floats in a fragile pocket dimension, hidden there for unknowable aeons. On the southern edge of the Torc, a nation-sized shelf of rock juts from an impenetrable mountain chain out into the surrounding Void. This is The Ledge — the focus of our story. It is here that the uncorrupted survivors of the Prime World arrived 400 years ago, led by the Arch-Mage Devidian.

Here, the survivors struggle to survive and build their strength, almost completely sealed away from the Prime world’s corruption. Almost, but no quite …


The Ledge: Third Breach

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