The Starving Stars

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The Old Ones and their Feast (ancient legend)

For a maddening length of time, there were only the Old Ones and their Feast. These hungry gods fed upon the stuff of the universe and purged it as entropy, feeding again and again until the Youngest One grew bored. To relieve the ennui, She invented a way to forge order from chaos. The other Gods found her constructs delicious, and they reveled together in an endless cycle of creation and destruction. This went on until the Youngest One created something she wished to keep, and went suddenly mad.

Her creation was Life. She placed it on a rocky sphere, made a sun to warm it and nurtured it in secret. “Look at how it fights to survive” She thought, “look at how it adapts and improves with scarcely a prompt from me”. Sadly, the rest of her brood found out. When they saw her World, the Eldest One said “move aside little sister, for it is past time we ate”.

“No” she cried, “take the time to look at the wonder I have wrought. Tiny specks of Life that join together to form tissues, and organs, and whole living things! You were not here to see my creation split to be animal and plant, or watch fish grow lungs and crawl onto land. Even now the apes begin to make tools. How can you condemn that which you do not understand?”.

“You are insane” the Eldest replied. “This creation is filthy and wrong. If you will not let us feed, we will have war”.

The Old Gods were confident, but observation of Life had taught the Youngest One much about tenacity and inventiveness. She outwitted her siblings at every turn, countering their obliterating embrace, ultimately driving them beyond the borders of her Great Mechanism. There she bound them, to howl and shriek and unravel its edges wherever they could.

Millions of years have passed … countless glorious cycles of growth and extinction, dark age and renaissance, life and death. But all the while, the Old Ones gnawed. Their walls grew thinner and eventually they stole a glance into the Great Mechanism.

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The Starving Stars

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