Humans are the most populous race on the Ledge, much to the chagrin of the Tengu. They are divided into two distinct ethnicities: the fair-haired, blue-eyed folk and Meridia and Antipodea, and the pale, dark-haired, dark-eyed people of Hesperia.

Halflings (Half Folk, Travellers)

I’ve never met a halfling I didn’t like … for a while … — Albrecht Hamersteen, Chief Field Marshall of Ortheux]]

Also known as half-folk or travellers, the halflings came to The Ledge with the humans who populated Hesperia. The halflings are a nomadic community, moving about the countryside in colourful wagons pulled by hefty birds or sometimes even tame owlbears. Only a fraction of the halfling community live in towns, and even these folk generally stay put for less than ten years (… read more).

Half-elves (Fair Folk, Ceruleans)

At some point in the Ledge’s history, the disenfranchised progeny of human-elf unions banded together for mutual benefit. They inter-married and began to breed true. Now, the ‘half-elves’ are a stable race of fey-touched humans who live mainly in Cerulea. Ceruleans are famed for their skill with arts, crafts and enchantments. They are also highly sought after as ambassadors to Aelfheimr Tower.

Dwarves (Stone Folk, Septentrions)

The dwarves are a stern race that live in the harsh conditions of the Septentrian Plateau. They were bequeathed this nation after their decisive contribution to the war against Xantehralius at the end of the second invasion.


The elves are a reclusive and esoteric people, who live exclusively within Alfheimr Tower, a huge stone structure on the centre of The Great Lake. The tower is actually the manifestation of a gateway that leads into a splinter world. The interior of the tower is much larger that its exterior. In fact, Alfheimr houses something like 10 000 elves.


The tengu are a bird-like, wingless race of humaniods. They have co-existed with the other denizens of the Ledge since the earliest migration from the Prime World. The Tengu claim that their population pre-dates these migrations. This assertion has resulted in violence between tengu and human communities on several occasions (… read more).

Ora (Lizard Folk)

The lizardfolk of the Copper Hills migrated there from the Kingdom of Thirst after hearing rumours of a powerful dragon living in the area. They insist on having found the dragon and remain on the Ledge to worship it, although no evidence of its presence has veen been seen by the other races. Lizardfolk are rarely seen in other areas of the Ledge. When sighted, they are usually working as paid guards or mercernaries to raise funds for their community. The lizardfolk commenced the practice of sending their second-born child out to work after their incessant raiding led to a war with the Ledge Folk that nearly wiped the Ora out.

Gnomes (Forgetful Folk)

The gnomes of the Ledge are commonly regarded as fey. They are barely tolerated in urban communities and typically blamed for any bad luck arising in their vicinity. As a result, they prefer to live alone in the wilderness or rural towns, venturing into civilisation for an occasional supply run. A strange affliction affects all known gnomes on the Ledge – every 70 to 80 years their memory fades completely, leaving only basic language and survival skills. They are forced to rebuild their life, personality and profession from scratch, leaidng to to common saying “immortal of body, but mortal of mind”. Many times over the Ledge’s history, gnomes have banded together to record ‘communal memories’ that might alleviate this effect. Yet, even these appear to fade, as the act of making such records seems to advance a gnomes state of mental decay.

Ludds (Foul Folk, Primal Men)

The term ‘Ludd’ refers to a denizen of the Prime World, and more specifically a Prime-Worlder who has invaded the Ledge to raid its settlements. Ludds often come through short-lived, unstable Prime World gates or more rarely via the Splinter Worlds that connect to the demiplane. There are also communities of Ludds living in the Ledge’s forests who descend from raiding groups that entered the Ledge years or decades ago. All of the giants and goblins living on the Ledge can be considered ‘Ludds’, but there are also Luddish humans, elves and dwarves.


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