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Contact (380-290 years before)

Dwarven geomancers try to activate the Pattern as a giant beacon to contact The Architect, but instead they reach out to an ancient cosmic evil. These were the Starving Stars, the Architects ancient and ravenous siblings.

Cult of the Stars (290-295 years before)

The chief geomancer founds a new order of scholars, calling them Astromancers. They claim to study the stars to make divinations, but actually devote themselves to communion with the Hungry Ones. The ancient dwarven society of Earth Wizards degenerates into a nihilistic cult.

The Astral Caliphate (295-290 years before)

The dwarven emperor discovers the nature of the Cult of Astromancy and tries to stamp it out. However, the Astromancers are too powerful. They destroy the Emperor’s army. The Chief Astromancer names himself the “Astral Caliph” and rapidly brings the dwarven people under his sway.

Disintegration (290-110 years before)

Aided by its horrific patrons, the Astral Caliphate overruns the world, creating a vast and corrupt empire. The Caliph enslaves hundreds and thousands of people, forcing them to make the world ready for the arrival of his ruinous masters.

Devidian’s Plan (110-90 years before)

After 80 years of desperate research, the arch-wizard Devidian conceives a plan to save the people of the dying world.

The Ten Companions (90-70 years before)

Devidian travels the dying world in secret, finding and recruiting ten powerful followers to help him with his plans.

Death of the Prime World (70-60 years before)

The terrible energies streaming from the Caliph’s Void Gates finally corrupt the world the the point where the natural ecosystem collapses. Minor aberrations begin creeping onto the Prime World to take the place of the natural creatures.

Respite (60-50 years before)

Devidian and his friends search the world for uncorrupted communities and carefully move their people to a secret island cloaked in protective magic.

The Great Synthesis (50-1 years before)

Devidian disappears from the Prime World and prepares his demiplane for habitation. He leaves the Ten Companions with plans for building a dimensional gate to transport the survivors there once he has finished The Great Synthesis.

Transition(Yr 0)

The inert World Gate constructed by the Ten Companions finally comes to life. Devidian appears and begins to usher his people into their new home.

Settlement (Year 0-5)

It takes five years to move all of the island’s inhabitants onto The Ledge. When it is done, Devidian collapses the World Gate, promising that there will be others ways to return to the Prime World when it is safe.

The Gods Arrive (Year 20)

Devidian gathers his companions together and reveals his secret. The power to forge the demiplane was invested in him by the Prime World’s gods before they dissapeared. He can no longer contain such vast divine energy. He divests it upon the Ten Companions, who become conduits for the most important deities left behind on the Prime. Devidian’s body begins to degenerate rapidly, but he dissapears before anyone could confirm his death. The new ‘Godlings’ begin reviving the old religions, aided by priests and druids.

The First Splinter Worlds (Year 30-85)

Tiny pocket dimensions begin to crash into the borders of the demiplane, releasing their contents onto The Ledge. Most of these Splinter Worlds are benign or empty, but some harbour dangerous denizens.

Alfheimr Tower (Year 92)

A huge, graceful tower appears on the stone island at the centre of the Great Lake. A small flotilla of swan-like ships sail forth from the tower, carrying around 50 elves. They make contact with the authorities in Ortheux, announcing the arrival of Aelfheimr Tower and signing a treaty of peace.

The Breadbasket Wars (Year 110-111)

The Mayor of Ortho agrees to supply Aelfheimr Tower with food until the elves can beging producing enough of their own. However, the peasant’s of the breadbasket rebel, sparking a civil war. The priests of Lugh work desperately to restore peace, but many die or starve before the conflict is resolved.

The First Breach (Year 182-194)

Hapless miners unleash a race of man-eating “ice devils” (called Ijeroc) from a magical prison at the base of the Infinite Cliff. Hundreds of them appear and swarm across the land, using magic to lock it in ice. The invasion is only ended when a desperate sorcerer sacrifices himself and his friends to destroy a great Ijeroc witch. At the same time, another mage convinces Devidian to intervene by blocking more Ijeroc from passing into the demiplane. The Ijeroc tide is finally turned when a cabal of druids revive a great gold wyrm that thaws The Ledge and drives the ice devils back into the cliff (Click here to read more).

The Ape Uprising (Year 222-238)

A demon unleashed by the Ijeroc possesses one of the semi-intelligent apes in the heart of the Cryptwood. It slowly sows corruption by breeding with the other apes, creating a race of intelligent, sub-human monsters. In the Year 235 these creatures attack Havendell in great numbers. The authorities are forced to create patrols of hunters to drive them back into the forest and keep them at bay.

The Dwarven Hill Tribes

A barbaric dwarven people escape enslavement of the Astral Caliphate by encapsulating their mountain home in a Splinter World. Their great shaman hurls the pocket dimensions into The Ledge, but only a tenth of them survive the impact. The dwarves that survive are met with great suspicion and driven into the Beast’s Feet at the bottom of the Septentria plateau.

The Second Breach (Yr 321-Yr 330)

A rogue wizard named Xantheralius infiltrates Azimuth University and steals a trove of Prime World necromantic lore. He spends twenty years raising an army of undead in the abandoned highlands of Septentria and making alliances with other nefarious denizens of The Ledge. In Year 321 he simultaneous cripples the University and conquers Shattercliffe, making it his base. Xantheralius vast army marches on Ortho and is only stopped by the tireless efforts of [[|Conduits|Mathias of Havendell]] and Richard Worldstrider to forge an alliance with Aelfheimr Tower and the dwarven tribes of the Beast’s Feet (click here to read more).

Rebuilding (Year 330-380)

Azimuth University is restored in terms of both the structure and its faculty. Disciples of Saint Barnaby and Richard Worldstrider cleanse Shattercliffe and encourage its repopulation. The dwarven tribes are offered the lands of Septentria in return for their contribution to the war. Finlay’s Breadbasket and Glossenwood are painstakingly restored to life by druids and witches, who are no longer regarded as enemies by the Knights of Pent.

War of the Starving Stars (Yr 445 – 448)

The Astrolith, a bizarre stone artifact the size of a tower, crashes into the swamp near Blacklaster. A brood of insectoid horrors referring to themselves as the “heralds of the starving stars” appears and forms a colony around the monolith. The colony is destroyed but it proves impossible to remove the Astrolith, and remnants of the colony remain at large in the swamps, forests and Blacklaster itself.

A New Century (Yr 501, campaign start date)


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