Friends and Foes


Albrecht Hamersteen

A stern looking man in his mid-forties. He has a stocky muscular frame, salt-and-pepper hair and a granite-hard face that belies his warm personality and fondness for bad jokes. Albrecht Hamersteen is the Chief Bailiff of Ortheux. He oversees the other bailiffs who represent the mayor in the towns and villages around the great city.

Havendell and surrounds

Umbria the Witch

Umbria is an old witch who lives in the outer fringe of the Cryptwoud, about a day’s walk from the ferry station across from Havendell. She claims to have lived there for 60 years, although folk in Havendell have only been aware of her for about thirty, when she started making very rare visits into town to buy supplies. Public opinion in the town places her somewhere between a bogeyman to frighten children and a weird but wise sage. All agree that she may be very dangerous and great efforts are made to avoid offending her.
Umbria is reknowned for both her knowledge of Cryptwoud and her talent for divination magic. Desperate or daring folk will sometimes venture out to her hut to request her services. A small number of them disappeared completely, but no more than would be expected based on the dangers present in the Cryptwood.

Friends and Foes

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