Flora and Fauna



  • Riding Birds
    • Kui Bird: The most common riding bird. Fast, but unsuited to carrying armoured riders or heavy loads.
    • Kai Bird: Stronger and slower than the Kui. Suited to pulling wagons in when used pairs. Can also carry an armoured rider or be used as a passable pack animal.
    • Bronzewing: As fast as the Kui and stronger than a Kai, this rare mount is prized by nobles and accomplished warriors. It is named for the brilliant metallic sheen of its wing feathers. Note that as a carnivore, the Bronzewing is prohibitively expensive to keep and can be dangerous to both rider and handler.
    • Owlbear: Said to be a magical hybrid of owl and bear imported from the Prime World, these beasts are dangerous in the wild, but serve as excellent pack animals if trained from birth.
  • Nanja: Odd mammals imported from the Prime World for their milk and meat. The nanja were rescued uncorrupted from their homeland on the Prime World, long after the bovine bloodlines went foul. (OOC: Nanja resemble something like a cross between an Earth cow and kangaroo).

Wild Animals

  • Wolves
  • Apes

Magical or Monstrous

  • Catachrest: A small magical animal, similar in appearnace to a golden cat or lynx. The Catachrest can talk, but its low intelligence and animalistic vocal organs cause it to misuse or misprounce words. Thus the name ‘catachrest’ from the word ‘catachresis’. Catacrests are popular as wizards familiars, but are incredibly expensive and difficult to train.


  • Ironbloom mushrooms
    Small fungi that only grow in dark places with lots of metal. These mushrooms are a favourite meal for dwarves, whose hearty constitution makes the immune to the mushrooms toxic effects. However, when consumed by a human the mushrooms instigate a range of psychoactive effects that may be harnessed by arcane spell-casters to enhance their divination magic. It is very difficult to determine the safe dose for Ironbloom usage, the secret is jealously guarded by a relatively small number of witches living in the antipodean forests.
  • Sacred Oaks
    The Antipodeans believe that each oak is a minor god, or nature spirit. It is forbidden to fell oaks in the Sacral Wood and generally frowned upon to cut any timber there at all. It is believed that many oaks within the wood once had the ability to walk and talk. The prophecies of the local druids say that this time will come again.

Flora and Fauna

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