Over the centuries, most of the divine power divested by Devidian is captured by the Ledge’s Ley Lines or has pooled amongst the gods. Most, but not all. A tiny fraction of this energy remains loose on the demiplane. Conduits are powerful mortals who absorb enough of this power to transcend mortailty and become demigods.

The appearance of the Conduits was no mistake. Devidian created the first Conduits from his Ten Companions. Together they helped the Archwizard ease the transition of intelligent life onto the Ledge and guided the reconstruction of civilisation. They instructed their charges in everything from agriculture to magic and defended them from the incursions of The Ludds, otherwordly fiends and the denizens of hostile splinter worlds. For a time they functioned something like deities, until the true gods began to re-manifest (around the year 100).

Although their power is eclipsed by the true gods, the Conduits are immensely powerful and can communicate directly with

Some offer their love and support unconditionally to mortals who live in accordance with a particular moral code. Others cynically foster cults in their own name, offering power and protection in exchange for worship. Still more pursue and encourage perfection in a certain worldly pursuit, such as scholarship, trade, art or war. Then there are the mad Satvas, who pursue inscrutable – often desctructive – goals in direct opposition to their kin.

Most of the Satvas are hundreds of years old – some even remain from the first cohort ordained by Devidian. However, even now a a mortal may occasionally ascend to the rank of Satva. The mechanism for spontaneous ascension is completely unknown and these individuals are often met with the suspicion and hostility of their new peers. Even so, many who survive their initial years of sainthood go on to cement their position in the pantheon of the Ledge.

Alsatia the Greenwitch (Calistria)


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