The Ledge: Third Breach

Dark Side of the Ledge

Our gritty crew stomped backed to find Graypelt – a big bad wolf in dire need of punishing. And so they did, using (among other things), a skeleton made into a bomb. They also killed Gurtlekep, the skinny kobold thief who’d been trying to tickle their ribs with his dagger (Azabolt twisted his mind with magic in fact, stopping him from spreading the alarm). With the worg and his consorts dead, Gurtlekep killed and the treasure hauled, they went downstairs (of course, Jeva was still out there somewhere).

The first room brought them to a group of kobold warriors (who got themselves killed) and slaves (who were tortured, questioned and killed). Next, our bashers encountered the ghost of Glintaxe – actually a corrosive cube of dungeon-jelly that chased them around relentlessly until they figured out how to pop it. It was worth it, and they continued on with a trove of loot even heavier than before. Other highlights include a room where the whole party was zapped (almost to death) by cranky lizards. Then there was the room that swung impossibly on its side and flung Vug onto a row of spearing spears, only to be thumped by a rack of hammering hammers (what fun!).

Finally, disgruntled and tired of traps, our shining exemplars of law and order (cough!) marched in on a pitched battle between a fat halfling bard, Kimi Eavewalker and a big red kobold and his minions. The big kobold wasn’t so tough and after they trounced him, the party happily tortured a comprehensive level map out of one of its minions. They also found Mikra Jabbs hiding in the pantry.

On a roll, they marched up a hall and saved Savram Vade from a room full of animated skeletons. We left our heroes shuffling about while Necrophagist shed a tear over the unfair imprisonment of the bony beauties…

Dark Side of the Ledge

“This place is fucking horrible!”

Having chased away the “wolves”, our anti-heroes venture into the northern end of the Greendrake forest and find trouble the ruined dwarven monastery

Our crew follows the kobold tracks into the forest, fending off a clumsy ambush by a hobgoblin Ludd. They narrowly avoid a drunken giant, preferring not to be made into devilled ham spread. Later, Vidaar finds a trail of “Witch Markers” that lead them to a hut where Vug is mauled by a cauldron. It isn’t a dead loss though, they find a Soulspeaker and meet [:maeve-the-witch]], who heals their wounds.

Once activcated, the Soulspeaker dispenses a set of directions that leads to group to a clearing with a bizarre obelisk in the centre. It looks like a column with a fluctuating number of sides supporting a corroded copper tablet. Azabolt is hypnotised by the artifact and forced to activate it. The resulting dimensional breach admits a gibbering horde of giant amoebas, in addition to an inscrutable being called Nine Eyes.

Once the amoebas are dealt with, Azabolt talks to Nine Eyes – a gaunt figure, swaddled in black, with nine red eyes that glare from a deep hood. It offers them a huge (if vague) reward to retrieve the seven pieces of a puzzle-like metal orb. He uses a word in Aklo that translates to something like “mind-soul-compass”. The orb appears to have been thoughtfully placed in the very same ruin they were headed to in the first place. They agree, noting that Maeve has fled, leaving the gold they paid her on the ground.

The kobold trail ends at a ruined building bearing the hallmarks of Astral Caliphate architecture. They enter the monastery through a small door, avoiding a tower at the south-west corner, and the main entry on the western side (GM’s note: thus sustaining the time-honoured player custom of doing the dungeon in reverse). Once inside they avoid bats, control skeletons, fend off a stabby kobold rogue and otherwise have a good time. As a bonus, they also find a magic ring (unidentified). At the end of the hall they enter a wolf den, attacked first by two female wolves and then by Jeva the werewolf.

They kill the wolves and brain Jeva, but the great worg Graypelt suddenly reveals himself. After a short stand-off Vug tries to finish Jeva. Graypelt retaliates and tried to kill Vug. Azabolt stepped in and tried to convince Graypelt that perhaps nobody had to kill anyone. Seemingly calmed, Graypelt offers the party a deal. If they kill the darkmantles in the monastery shrine, he will let them pass into the dungeons below.

The group obliges, but when the Darkmantles are dead Vidaar whispers “you know the worg is lying, right? He’s making preparations to kill us right now”. At this moment, the eery stillness of the ruin is punctuated by a blood curling howl. Graypelt was calling for help.

Encounter XP Haul
Hobgoblin and attack crows 470 Trap tools (5gp), shortbow (30gp), 20 arrows (1gp), battleaxe (10gp)
Ulizmila’s shack Fail! Soulspeaker (2400 gp)
Monastery yard n/a Thieves tools (30 gp), silk rope (10 gp), 42 gp cash, 1 potion CLW (50 gp)
Skeletons in secret prison 405 Unidentified magic ring
Gray Pelt’s consorts 800 none
Darkmantles 800 nil
RPing awards 800 n/a
Total per character (3275/4) 820 n/a
Total to date 1220
Dark Side of the Ledge

“Well, if you’re paying us …”

We find our … anti-heroes lounging in the tap room of the worst bar in the city of Pineshire.

Vug plays out his daily ritual of drinking – or punching – everyone else under the table. The Necrophagist has finally stopped flaying people with his eyes and is socialising with Azabolt. They converse in a language that drives almost everyone else out of the bar. Two elves (freshly arrived from Aelfheimr tower) sit oversing the other patrons. One of them, possibly a priest, scribbles notes onto a long roll of parchment. There is also an idiot who thinks he’s a werewolf.

The barman is just about to toss these weirdos out when Sherriff Baleson barges in with the local butcher. The finish an argument that started outside and announce their business. Five children are missing, but the town’s more ‘respectable’ adventurers are all afield. There is good money available for anyone willing and able to go after the kids.

Nothing sparks comradery in a dingy dive bar like soft, biteable gold. Azabolt and Vug quickly reach an accord to share the risk and reward. The Necrophagist follows, dreaming of the wonderful corpse stock he can buy in Ortho. The elves join too, along with the deranged barbarian, who nobody actually asked.

A hunch from the sherrif leads out fortune seekers to question the unruly village children. It seems that their missing friends went off to play in a “haunted” orphanage. The group sets out to find the place, which burned down several months ago. Once there, they find evidence that the children were captured by kobolds. There is also the dead and very squishy Elara, the custodian of the orphanage. When Vug touches it, hundreds of baby spiders erupt forth. The “wolf man” manages to burn them with lamp oil, simultaneously depleting his space of the oxygen he was using to talk (double win!). At the same time, Vidaar holder off Mama Spider until Vug can do the dwarven Leadboot dance on its carapace.

They also run into a young girl caled Jeva, who asks them to help her get back to town. Our cunning protagonists aren’t fooled though, and recognise her for the werewolf that she is. Being incredibly stupid, Fen H’rel decides to help her escape. The rest of the night passes in awkward silence, until Vug invites Fen H’rel for a quiet walk in the forest, from which Fen H’rel does not return.

Encounter XP Cash
Obtained info from Pineshire children 400
Giant spider and spider swarm 800 2 silver daggers (22 gp ea)
Total 1200 44 gp
Individual XP total (/6) 200

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