The Ledge: Third Breach


The Ledge: Apocalypse

NEW CONTACTS Madoc, Constable of Havendell Gawain, Sheriff of Lemonpepper Fiona Luchain, halfling merchant
NEW CLUES Maddened animals in the woods Dog-headed humanoids Symbol of M’Pentor Trouble brewing around Lemonpepper
Padrig (Blacksmith) bought an ancient dwarven book.

Moira and Kellen are sent from The Witchinghalls to investigate an unnatural distrubance south of Lemonpepper. A large area has been stripped of vegetation and all the animals dwelling there are being systematically devoured.

They flee a pack of maddened worgs, ending up at Havendell where they are saved by Vicril and Guybrush.

Constable Madoc meets with you (the party) and hears the reports of trouble near Lemonpepper. He says there has also been a delay in recent peat shipment and Havendell is in danger of running out of fuel (locals are reluctant to cut wood and offend the forest spirits).

You are agree to travel to Lemonpepper and investigate. Gawain – Lemonpepper’s sherriff – explains that people are scared to venture into the Precious Fens due to tales of this ‘monster’ and a string of recent murders. Peat collection – and therefore trade – has stopped.

The ‘monster’s lair’ is a couple of hour’s travel away. You travel there and find a collossal elk gnawing on corpses inside a circle of standing stones. It emanates an awful crunching sound that fills you with uncontrollable hunger – you all eat a huge amount of food to offset this.

The beast charges, but some clever ranged tactics put it down before it has a chance to hurt you. Vicril takes its head.

Inside the standing stones you find the corpses of three dog-headed humanoids. They wear ragged robes marked with the symbol of M’Pentor – a beast god thought to have stayed on the Prime World.

The bodies are strewn around a freestanding stone ‘portal’, which Vicril smashes. You return to Lemonpepper and are once again celebrated as heroes. Guybrush strikes a deal with Fiona Luchain, earning her friendship.


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