The Ledge: Third Breach

Dark Side of the Ledge


Our gritty crew stomped backed to find Graypelt – a big bad wolf in dire need of punishing. And so they did, using (among other things), a skeleton made into a bomb. They also killed Gurtlekep, the skinny kobold thief who’d been trying to tickle their ribs with his dagger (Azabolt twisted his mind with magic in fact, stopping him from spreading the alarm). With the worg and his consorts dead, Gurtlekep killed and the treasure hauled, they went downstairs (of course, Jeva was still out there somewhere).

The first room brought them to a group of kobold warriors (who got themselves killed) and slaves (who were tortured, questioned and killed). Next, our bashers encountered the ghost of Glintaxe – actually a corrosive cube of dungeon-jelly that chased them around relentlessly until they figured out how to pop it. It was worth it, and they continued on with a trove of loot even heavier than before. Other highlights include a room where the whole party was zapped (almost to death) by cranky lizards. Then there was the room that swung impossibly on its side and flung Vug onto a row of spearing spears, only to be thumped by a rack of hammering hammers (what fun!).

Finally, disgruntled and tired of traps, our shining exemplars of law and order (cough!) marched in on a pitched battle between a fat halfling bard, Kimi Eavewalker and a big red kobold and his minions. The big kobold wasn’t so tough and after they trounced him, the party happily tortured a comprehensive level map out of one of its minions. They also found Mikra Jabbs hiding in the pantry.

On a roll, they marched up a hall and saved Savram Vade from a room full of animated skeletons. We left our heroes shuffling about while Necrophagist shed a tear over the unfair imprisonment of the bony beauties…


wasted_warlock wasted_warlock

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