The Ledge: Third Breach


The Ledge: Apocalypse

NEW FRIENDS Trefor, Warden of Lonesome
NEW CLUES Slime Wizard’s Mark Increase in Devil Ape activity

Vicril and Guybrush are in a tiny Cryptwood frontier village called Lonesome. Vicril was on loan from the Havendell Guard, Guybrush for business transaction.

Pets started going missing, followed by a child and finally two adults. A village elder swore she saw “two great big blobs, sliding down the street before dawn”.

Lonesome’s veteran ‘lookouts’ were out of town dealing Devil Apes uprising. The village’s Warden – Trefor – convinced our heroes to investigate with the help of some locals. They followed a slimy trail to a strange crypt. It seemed to have recently burst from the ground (this happens in the Cryptwood sometimes).

The interior of the Crypt was crawling with hostile slime creatures. The central chamber contained a large pit filled with bubbling ooze. The edge of the pit was marked with a glowing symbol.

A huge gelatinous mass crawled from arose from the pit and attacked. A small, mummified figure floated in the center of the mass. To everyone’s surprise, this figure awoke and began casting spells!

After a short but deadly fight the monster was destroyed and the mummified wizard crumbled to dust. The heroes returned to Lonesome and were rewarded with a feast.


wasted_warlock wasted_warlock

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